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Pam’s House Blend is for civil discussion of issues. We may not all agree on political matters, but we can stay above calling each other names in threads. From the Community Rules:

This Blog is not a haven for trolls, threats, or people wishing to spam or harass…We have the right to edit, remove or deny access to content that is determined to be, in our sole discretion, unacceptable.  Please respect the rights of others to be heard and to be respected.  We welcome all viewpoints, but we do not welcome personal attacks on our users, in any form. The moderators of The Blog retain the right to ban any user from posting at The Blog for behavior deemed inappropriate.

I’ve had to ban one person already today; after spending most of the weekend offline dealing with my laptop disaster, I’m not patient right now and ready to drop the hammer on any user who persists in being uncivil or hijacking threads simply to be contrary and antagonistic. You’re not likely to change any minds, and quite frankly, the responses become quite predictable and boring.

Comment threads that are mostly full of bickering simply drive readers away, no one commenter is worth keeping in the coffee house if they cannot behave. Your booty will be bounced onto the street.

And for the rest of you: the rule of the game is don’t feed the trolls.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding