All things must pass

I’ve been out of the loop for the past few days so I only learned about the passing of Steve Gilliard last night when I sat down, saw the links, and all I could say was “Oh no”. There is little I can say about Steve that hasn’t been said by all of these people. Over the years I exchanged a few emails with Steve who was always very gracious which amused me because they seemed so different than his posting voice which was so direct and take-no-prisoners. A reminder to everyone that we are all more than the sum of our blog posts.

I’m going to miss Steve because there isn’t another blogger out there on the internets who can make me cringe (in a good way) the way Steve did. Those are some big shoes to fill.

On side note, and maybe I ‘m just being petty, but Steve was a giant in the blogging community and I’m disappointed that not one right-wing blogger of note took a moment to note his passing. I guess those love letters to Fred Thompson couldn’t be put on hold…

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