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Come Saturday Morning: The Camping Edition

img_0149a.JPGDear fellow Firepuppers:

By the time you see this, I'm going to be far away from my keyboard.  I'll be at a campground, which I will have spent much of the preceding day making habitable by picking up and burning the piles of horse dung which will be strewn all over the place.   I will probably have already used my camp axe to chop up bits of fallen branches and the odd downed tree.  And I will have used my trusty Max Burton stove to heat up enough hot water for oatmeal and morning coffee.  I will either be smothered in a rain jacket (if it's raining) or in SPF 30 lotion (if it's not), and either way there's going to be a bit of bug spray under everything.

There will be music and honeysuckle (you can see a bigger picture of the honeysuckle here) and sweet flag and even blackberry blossoms, and I'm going to be having a grand old time.  But I won't be able to tell you all about it until tomorrow!

So, what are your plans to get out and about this summer?  Do you car camp?  Bike camp?  Hotel camp?  Is 'roughing it' when you stay at a place without a swimming pool?  Is 'luxury' when your campsite offers firepit rings?  Go ahead, talk about it here, and anything else that's on your mind.

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Phoenix Woman