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A Short Rant on Free Markets and Asymmetric Warfare

First, my cat was killed by a toxic poison food additive, melamine, from China.

Then it turns out that this poison got into the food chain leading to humans.

Then, there was that warning a couple days ago about imported monkfish actually being deadly poison puffer fish.

And now the FDA is telling people that cheapo toothpaste imported from China has ethylene glycol in it! ETHYLENE GLYCOL?!! The stuff in ANTI-FREEEZE?!! What th’ HELL, man? I don’t mind my teeth chattering in the Winter, okay?

Is this insanity merely proof once again of what happens under “free market” conditions (both here and in China), or is this really a case study in why the Soviet Union never won the Cold War, just because the Russians thought nukes were the battelfield weapon of choice and never even thought of killing all of us (and our cats) with poisoned food and oral hygiene products? Whichever it is, I am NOT brushing my teeth with any more toothpaste from Aldi’s, that’s for DAMN sure.

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