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In the May 29th issue of the Washington Post, there was a chilling article by Manuel Roig-Franzia concerning the fact that drug cartels and corruption and violence — a violence that has increased sharply in the year since the controversial and bitterly contested election wherein Felipe Calderon wound up running the country — has made Mexico second only to Iraq as a death trap for serious journalists.

But as frightening as that article was, it paled next to the contents of the comments section. 

Here's a representative sample of the commentary left by Nice Polite White People (all taken without editing from me):

MEXICO: no border fence needed, eh?
5/30/2007 3:57:33 AM

pjvm wrote: Gee. Violence against the media? And these are the folks to whom the Washington Com-Post and other looney-lefty-mainstream-media-types want to open the border? Makes perfect sense to me, duh. 5/30/2007 5:13:56 AM
And people think that the USA should open our borders up to this? Mexico is basically a lawless third world county on par with the worst in the world — I wouldnt be suprised if it gets so bad that the US had to send troops similar to other parts of the world to help keep order.
5/30/2007 6:00:36 AM
dr_vaman wrote:
When Mexicans blatently booed Miss USA yesterday, then it only shows the hatred against US citizens in Mexico. Nothing is news worthy from Mexico any more.
5/30/2007 6:58:36 AM

isang011 wrote:
If Mexico is the second deadiest country in world after Iraq, is the congress listening? To grant Amnesty to violent prone people, enammelled to cocaine and Meth? Are we listening/
5/30/2007 7:58:53 AM

Patriot1 wrote:
Thanks to our Liberal journalists, Council La Raza, Ted Kennedy and Dubya, Mexico's wonderful hard working drug cartels and their 1st world culture will be here very soon, all pardoned. So what if they have a few personal proiblems. Being homicidal addicts only adds to our diverse culture though American Journalists might have a bit of problem. Still, most American journalists like the notion of open borders and amnesty and are wishing the current amnesty bill and family reunication plan will succeed. So, to the WAPO liberal journalists, be careful what you wish for.
5/30/2007 9:22:01 AM
mgilfoy wrote:
Ohh ! you just over reacting , Ilegals just take jobs no one wants : some one has to deal drugs : a job no one wants ? So stop being so silly ! If INS would just leave them alone , they would come here and kill .
Something MEXECO would really like !!
5/30/2007 9:49:09 AM

To all these charming wingnuts and more, I address the following comments:

If you smoke dope, shop at Wal-Mart for food and other goods, and hate unions, then shut the hell up.  You have no right to blame Mexicans for anything. 

Worried about losing American jobs and family farms?  Then why do you shop at Wal-Mart?  Whether it's food or furniture, they pride themselves on getting it from places outside the US for near-slave wages.

Want better wages for all?  Then back unions — and the right for all employees, Caucasians or not, to report employers who exploit people for crummy wages and in rotten working conditions.  The old saying "An injury to one is an injury to all" is especially true when greedy corporations seek to play workers around the world against each other.

Wish Mexico's drug lords would go away?  Don't buy their wares.  (Or work to legalize drugs — then you can grow the stuff here and eliminate the middle man, and we could empty out and shut down half of our prisons.)

Ah, but it's much more fun ragging on those evil brown people, isn't it? 


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