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Well, I’ve had a little disaster — my laptop just died. Last full backup was about a month ago. No posting for a while other than what’s queued up as I go search for a replacement and start from scratch…

Carry on.

[UPDATE: 10:45 PM (Fri) — Good news. Found a nice HP laptop at Best Buy on a fire sale — HP dv6358 special edition (sorry Mac folks). Faster, nicer and less than I what I paid 3 years ago for the old one. And thank you to all the readers who hit my tip jar today…it’s greatly appreciated. The timing of this was less-than-optimal, but those are the breaks, I guess. Much love. I still have a lot of applications to reinstall — new OS, so I’m dealing with Windows Vista — so far nothing excruciating. Bad news: that last backup was about 5 months ago, not one month ago, so I lost a lot of crap that I had done recently. Thank goodness most blog-related stuff I did after that backup — like audio and video interviews and the like — are uploaded elsewhere. Will be back to regular blogging sometime over the weekend.]

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