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Does Everyone Get A God-Given Male Or Female Sex? — United Methodists To Decide

Bear Creek United Methodist Church InteriorMark Tooley has something to say about the sex of transsexuals. He’s quoted in the Focus On The Family / Citizenlink article United Methodists to Weigh Transsexuality.  From the article:

The United Methodist Church has reappointed a transsexual pastor in Maryland; once a female, she had an operation to become a man.

Mark Tooley with the Institute on Religion and Democracy said the decision to reappoint “Drew Phoenix” – formerly known as Ann Gordon – to lead St. John’s Church in Baltimore sets a disturbing precedent.

“It is very troubling for the church to give a blessing to what is essentially a mutilation of the body, which is what a sex-change operation is,” he said, “rather than to encourage and affirm sexual identity as God gave it.”

Mark: Did God give deign everyone at birth as either male or female? What about intersexuals and others that don’t fit the binary sex and gender dichotomy? What about Isaiah 56:4-8 and Matthew 19:12?

Well, Mark Tooley won’t have the last word on this –that is at least for the United Methodists.

United Methodist ministers want their voices heard in the matter, so the issue will be discussed at their upcoming 2008 General Conference.

I can’t wait to hear what United Methodist Jesus and United Methodist Heavely Father will have to say about transpeople. Maybe there will be some genuine love and thought involved?

Seriously, we hope the United Methodists live up to their denomination motto:

Open hearts, open minds, open doors.

——Further Reading——

From the Christian Post, a more in-depth piece on Mark Tooley’s viewpoint on United Methodist Church membership: Mark Tooley — A Conservative View on the Methodist Pastor Ruling.


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