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Mike's on Brokeback Hill

Check out this interesting article and video profile by Kevin Sites of Mike Rogers of BlogActive and PageOneQ Media. It covers his exposure of professionally closeted homophobic political figures who work against LGBT rights. Go Mike! A snippet:

For me what it’s really about is if congressman X thinks that gay people shouldn’t have equal rights but goes home and is having sex with men, and not disclosing that, then we have a problem.” — Mike Rogers

…People have called Rogers a gay terrorist, but he says, “The only people who say things like that are people who have a vested interest in protecting the closet.”

“I feel more sad for [the people I out] than anger,” Rogers says. “… That they are in this position, that they are self-loathing, willing to wake up everyday and go to work against the very community they are a member of is quite shocking.”

Many gay organizations are troubled by outing but stop short of condemning it. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation “doesn’t encourage outing, period,” says GLAAD’s Rashad Robinson. “But there is an argument that can be made — and many make it — for holding closeted political figures who attack and exploit gay people and our families for political gain accountable for their actions.”

However, the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay Republican group, disagree. “Log Cabin is strongly against outing,” says its president, Patrick Sammon. “It is unproductive and motivated by vengeance. It does nothing to further the cause of equality for gay and lesbian Americans.”

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