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The Concerned Women for America have issued a statement that attacks Mary Cheney, as well as many other Americans.  In a post dated May 30, 2007 at Pam’s House Blend (via AMERICAblog) the spokesperson from the ultra right wing group managed to insult:

  -Adoptive parents
  -Adopted children
  -Women who chose to conceive on their own terms
  -Same sex couples
  -LGBT citizens whether coupled or not, whether parents or not, whether interested in having a family or not
  -Finally, Mary Cheney and Heather Poe

I have no sympathy for the Cheneys (Dick and Lynn or Mary) or the administration that is also the target of bile from the extremists.  They willingly accept money and support from religious zealots that are intent on imposing their twisted morals on all of us.

Unfortunately, the Bush and Cheney families feel they are above the morality that they would like to impose on the rest of us.  According to the Bush Administration, the US Constitution should be amended to prevent same sex couples from having access to the opportunities afforded to different sex couples.  Yet when they are questioned about the relationship of Mary Cheney and Heather Poe, the administration bristles and becomes defensive.  It is not unreasonable to wonder whether Heather and Mary are just another same sex couple or are they special because of their connections.

Same sex couples are not the only targets of these increasing attacks since the birth of Samuel Cheney.  Adoptive families in general are regarded with just as much disdain.  According to Stephen Bennett from CWA, Heather Poe is not ??the child’s other REAL parent? because she is not the biological father.  That means that adoptive fathers are not real.  That means that adopted children do not have real parents. 

Does the Vice President, his wife or the Bush administration defend Mary and Heather against these remarks like they did when Wolf Blitzer asked questions or when John Kerry raised the issue?  No, they don’t.  They are silent. 

As long as the bigotry is directed at other people and not their family, it is acceptable behavior. The rules of respect and civility do not apply to the rest of us. 

I want the same privileges that Heather and Mary enjoy.  I want to live my life free of the animosity and ignorance of religious zealots who seek to enforce and encourage bigotry as acceptable behavior.  I want my government to uphold my right to have a family – through artificial insemination or adoption – as much as it defends the right of Mary and Heather to have a family above reproach. 

In the Pride parade this year, I will carry a sign that says:  I AM HEATHER POE and I hope you will join me. 

Help the religious maniacs continue to make the connections between the Vice President and the LGBT community that he is so desperate to ignore.  Heather Poe is a queer.  She is in a long-term relationship with the daughter of the Vice President.  Her partner just gave birth to a son.  This country is full of adoptive families that demand respect and recognition.  The Bush Administration and The Cheney family are NOT better than same sex couples and adoptive families and we do not deserve to be attacked by the supporters of this administration.

We are as worthy of respect and privacy as Heather and Mary are. 


Make the connection.