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Our Karl Rove? Pshaw.

Rahm Emanuel continues to amaze and impress.  Not content with nearly fucking up the 2006 House races as head of the DCCC with his "don't mention the war" strategy, he's now in the process of bungling immigration.

Jonathan Singer of MyDD was on an immigration conference call with Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), who carries the title of Assistant to the Speaker:

While conceding that the current agreement in the Senate was more conservative than the bill passed through the Senate last Congress, Becerra explained that he believed Democrats had to be careful on this issue because it was one that cut both ways; though there were some Democrats who won at least in part because of their moderation on the issue (Gabby Giffords in Arizona and Ed Perlmutter in Colorado being two examples he brought up), others (Tammy Duckworth in Illinois being his prime example) lost at least in part because of being hit for supporting "amnesty". Frankly, this isn't a line of reason that I buy into — that the Democrats left some seats on the table because of their stance on immigration.

This confirms what I've been hearing — that Rahm, in control of "House Messaging" — has bought into the crap "Third Way" polling that suggests the future of the party is with White Men.  Which may tell him what he wants to hear, but even if you don't trust your common sense on the matter read Tom Schaller.  It's utter crap.  And running around telling candidates to STFU about immigration makes about as much sense as telling them to STFU about the war did in the previous election cycle.  The GOP knows full well they're up against a Double Edged Wedge and desperately need to be courting Latino voters, but their bigoted base won't let them.  

Rahm just does not want to admit that he made a huge mistake with Duckworth (who was wishy-washy on the war just like Rahm at precisely the wrong time), and had the millions he poured into her campaign been devoted to those races that were really close, the charge of "seats left on the table" wouldn't stick in his egotistical craw:

NC-08- Hayes v Kissell (60,926 vs 60,597)
OH-02- Mean Jean v Vic Wulsin (120,112 vs 117,595)
CO-04- Musgrove v Angie Paccione (104,876 vs 97,670)
NY-29- Kuhl v Massa (99,926 vs 93,974)
NY-25- Walsh v Maffei (105,235 vs 101,322)
WA-08- Reichert v Burner (61,921 vs 59,268)

I hope everyone isn't sick of the above video yet because I'm going to keep running it.  This man has a whole lot of influence over where the party goes from here and he has one of the biggest political tin ears in creation.   I don't want a Democratic Karl Rove to begin with, but if they insist let's at least get a smart one and until ego starts to equal IQ Rahm can lay no claim to brains. 

BTW, Rahm is collecting quite a few little love letters over on his YouTube.  They're quite amusing. 

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