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May Day Melee In LA Sees First Police Report

From the Los Angeles Times’ Bratton issues report on melee I read that Police Cheif Bratton essentially blamed police use of force at the May 1 rally on ‘command and control breakdown.’ Sounds sorta reasonable I guess — unless of course I think about the actual victims of  the police’s use of the unexpectedly high level of excessive force at that rally. From the article:

The Police Department’s preliminary investigation into the May Day MacArthur Park melee confirms that a “breakdown” in police command and control took place and offers explicit new detail on the roles of two top officers who were quickly reassigned by Chief William J. Bratton.

The report, presented to the city’s Police Commission on Tuesday, was immediately criticized as being incomplete. Some City Council members and community activists complained that it fell far short of the detailed accounting Bratton had promised after 42 people were injured in an incident that threatens to again sully the reputation of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Members of the civilian Police Commission responded by calling on the department to consider more training and possible term limits for officers assigned to the elite Metropolitan Division, which has been characterized as insular and aggressive.

The unit provided crowd control at the May 1 immigrant rights rally but ended up clashing with civilians after some in the park began throwing rocks and bottles at officers.

When I hear free speech rights are eroding, I think of this relatively peaceful rally being dispursed is such an jackbooted, forceful way.

Yea! for American freedoms?  As a Southern Californian, Why aren’t I feeling as free?

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen