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Attempt to ban YA book “The Bermudez Triangle” in Oklahoma

Someone really must do something about the flood of stupid parents running around, thinking that the job of the school library is to uphold their values and parent their kids.  It’s truly becoming an epidemic.  And Angela Rader is the latest carrier.  The latest victim of Rader’s kind of crazy conservative thinking is a book called “The Bermudez Triangle”, a young adult novel about three teen girls who have been best friends for years, and how their relationships change when two of them start dating.  But before you think this is just another weirdo, check out the stunning display of non-logic here:

This book, ?The Bermudez Triangle? has no moral fiber, and wrongly promotes a ?do whomever you want to discover yourself? mentality. There?s no mention of the myriad of diseases, pregnancy, destruction of friendships and lives that are very real consequences of a ?sexual free-for-all? decision.

Get that?  Being a lesbian or bisexual female will lead to pregnancy.  As author Maureen Johnson said on her blog:

Maybe the writer of this letter does not know how babies are made. She could probably use a book on the subject.

And disease?  Apparently Angela has not gotten the memo that lesbians have the lowest chance of getting an STD then any other sexual group.  If she really wants her kids to be avoiding disease, she should actually be encouraging lesbianism, not discouraging it.  Again, logic doesn’t live here. 

This book destroys friendships?  Wait, a book about friendships, where in the end (sorry to spoil it for you), everything is all right and the three characters repair their friendship, is really about destroying friendships?  Me thinks someone has not read the book.  Shocker.  That never happens in a case like this.  Maybe Angela Rader can go hang out with Laura Mallory aka the crazy lady who is trying to ban Harry Potter.  They can sit around and not read together. 

But lets cut the crap, none of this is really about the non existent chance of pregnancy or slim chance of disease, its really about Angela’s concern that promoting sexual self-determination ruins lives.  She doesn’t just want to control the sexual orientation and sexual expression of her own children, she wants to control you and your kids too.  Because if she had to live in a world where people got to make their own damn decisions about who to fuck, how to fuck, what they want, and who they love, her head might just explode.  She is one of those people who wants to deny gay people the right to any existence at all, let alone a happy one.  She wants to believe that we are all miserable disease ridden pregnant freaks because she can’t face the reality that a great many gay people are happy, well adjusted, and disease-free.  And for those who are not, it isn’t because of a library book.  It is because of homophobic nut jobs like her. 

(As a side note, I have read “The Bermudez Triangle” and it really isn’t that good to warrant all this attention.  It is yet another YA book that dances around bisexuality, exploring how confusing it is to like girls and guys and how hard it is to face mono-sexual pressure without ever even using the word bisexual.  It plays into a lot of lesbian stereotypes about bi women (Avery essentially uses Mel as an experiment then runs back to happy hetero-ville in a way that purposely hurts Mel).  Furthermore, this book uses those stereotypes to reinforce biphobia (see Mel’s mistake was kissing someone who hadn’t always known she was a total lesbian since bisexual women really don’t exist and just use and hurt you) instead of challenging it.  In the end, everything is happy and forgiven because Avery is straight now and Mel is a 100% dyke.  Gag me.)

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