chinafactory.jpg Hi folks.  Over the past days (and in the weeks before) many of us have been discussiing our concerns about safe food and our reasons for concern about finding safe and health food for our families and loved ones.

We'll be talking more about these issues in the coming weeks; today I'd like to invite those at the Lake concerned about this issue to share their ideas about how to find safe food for their families.

This is a great opportunity fo thse who have yet to comment to join our discussions about bringing home food that's safe to eat.

Please join us.

Kirk Murphy

Kirk Murphy

terrestrial obligate aerobe with endoskeleton (bony) and bilateral symmetry.

chordate, bipedal, warm-blooded, mammalian, placental (origin), opposable thumbs.

not (yet) extinct.

indigenous habitat: California Live Oak.

current habitat: Central California Coast (most northerly aspect).... 'northwest of the new world, east of the sea'

potential habitats: all potential habitats critically endangered (due to global climate change).

ailurophilic - hence allergic rhinitic.