Remember that reader survey I asked you to take a while back? If you want to see some of the results and learn some interesting things about Blend readers (474 responded; there is a lot more info to come), click here.

A couple of tidbits:
* almost equal split between men and women (women slightly win out)
* About 2/3 are Dems

You can mouseover the pie charts to see the percentage breakdown. After surfing there, come back and comment — are the stats what you imagined?


Here are some posts from over the long weekend…

* Poll: almost a third of Americans believe bible is literal word of God
* Hillary and Obama weekend document dump on LGBT issues
* FDA still bans gay men from donating blood, even though Red Cross gives the thumbs up
* N.J. Governor Jon Corzine’s PSA for seat belt use
* Fred Phelps on Baby Samuel Cheney
* Connecticut anti-marriage equality forces seek ConCon to push amendment
* The Organized Church’s Complicity in Evil and Sin (Jerry Maneker(
* Thuggery at demonstration for Gay Pride parade in Moscow
* Separated At Birth? (Kathy of Birmingham Blues)
* Poo on Musgrave’s office doorstep ruled free speech

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding