Next week I am starting a new job with the company I currently work for.  I will have to travel to Europe for training and conferences.  I have traveled outside the US before to Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (love ya NZ!) but have not been to Europe before.

I am taking off on Monday to arrive in London/Heathrow around midday Tuesday for a two day meeting on Weds/Thurs and returning Thursday evening.  Should be a quick trip, no time to acclimate, but plenty of odd hours for me and my body to deal with.

I won’t be able to read the blend as often as I would like, but will try to keep up. 

I just wonder what would happen if Fred Phelp’s followers were ever to leave their little compound and experience the real world.

I am thankful for every time I have traveled outside the US for learning more about the world and learning more about how my country is viewed outside of the US.

One last thing, I am less proud to be an American than when I left for New Zealand 10 years ago…I hope the rest of the world doesn’t blame me for what Bush has put us through.