Pull Up A Chair…

monarch.jpgWhile we were on vacation last week, I got to see a lovely butterfly garden, just beautiful — several different types of butterflies, a whole host of blooming and feeding plants. It was glorious, and made me want to come right home and plant one of my own.

Mind you, I do have a whole perennial thing going in our yard already, almost all of which were selected as flowers which attract wither butterflies or hummingbirds. But I did get some great ideas.

As we start to usher May out the door, my zucchini and cucumber plants are getting bigger and my herb garden is amazing already this year. If the tomato and pepper plants don't slow down, I could be looking at fresh garden tomatoes by the 4th of July, which would be amazing considering how cool the earlier part of May was here.  We could sure use some rain, but I suppose I'm getting a little extra exercise by lugging the watering can around, so I can't complain.

Reader ccmask sent me some caladium bulbs a while back, and they are stunningly beautiful. One of these days, I promise I'll get a pix for you cc, so you can see how lovely you have made our yard this year. Got my bulbs in a little later than I wanted this year, but they are making up for it and growing like crazy.  But as I haven't even had time to get our vacation pictures developed, it will be a little while yet. (Yes, the digital camera finally died and I had to make do at a garden show with one of those disposable cameras. Sad but true.)

All this to say, I didn't realize how much I needed a vacation…until I was already on vacation. And while we were gone on our trip, I realized just how little time I have been taking to relax. I'm online a lot, and when I'm not keeping up with e-mail, researching or writing, I'm invariably on the phone or cooking or playing with The Peanut or…well, that million other things that moms and dads do between work and home every single day. And then I fall into bed, get up and do it all over again.

It occurred to me that I would be much better off if I took little breaks more frequently — a movie night or a soak in the tub once in a while or even just an hour at the park with The Peanut but without my cell phone. And then I thought of all of you, and how you all juggle 90 things at once, too, and I wondered how you do it.

So, I thought this morning we could talk a bit about the juggling act we all face. And about what has been making you smile lately. Seen any good movies — at the theater or on DVD? Picked up a great new album?  Read a book that you just could not put down?  It's been a rough week, and a busy one, and I for one could use a little more humor and smiling in my life, how about you guys?  So let's talk about what you are doing to put a smile on your face, or a little relaxation or comfort in your home or whatever.  Pour another cuppa, and have a muffin while you are at it — made a fresh batch of these last night.  Pull up a chair…

(Photo of a lovely monarch butterfly on some butterfly weed via Yogi.)

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