This is a homo-hating classic for the ages. Completely unhinged video of The Rotting Cryptkeeper unloading on the Cheneys — all of them — over the new grandbaby.

Many thanks to Blender That Queer Chick, who transcribed the above Phelps diatribe:

Vice President Dick Cheney and his goofy wife Lynne are Mr. and  Mrs. Antichrist America.  If anybody now doubts whether God has cursed America with an irreversible curse, let him gaze upon the photo-op politically inspired picture, put out yesterday, of these two old fools who are holding dyke Daughter Mary’s newborn bastard son and pretending to like it. Just look at that picture–a shameless sodomite nation. The United States of  America, land of the sodomite damned, is defined by that picture.  It ought to have the name “Ichabod, the glory of God has departed from this place (1. Samuel 4:21)” stamped in blazing flaming letters of fire across the top of it.  The glory of God has departed from this evil nation, never to return.

When God would destroy a nation, He first gives that nation apostate leaders (Isaiah 3:1-12).  As for my people, children, incompetent disobedient to God spoiled brats are their oppressors and women — weak, effeminate sissies — rule over them, O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err and destroy the way of thy paths. 

In 1981, a then unknown housewife Lynne Cheney, wrote a cheap pornographic novel titled “Sisters” in which she touted dykes and whorehouses.  In 1995, then politically ambitious Dick Cheney jawboned and browbeat Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward from revealing that daughter Mary is a dyke.  America did not yet accept that filthy abomination-to-God conduct, you see.  It would cost votes in those days, and elections. 

Even as late as August 5, 2000, when being interviewed by ABC reporter Cokie Roberts, Lynne Cheney indignantly lied through her teeth about that filthy dyke daughter of hers named Mary.  When Roberts said, “You have a daughter named Mary who has now declared that she is openly gay.  Are you worried?”, Lynne Cheney fairly screamed into the camera, “Mary has never declared such a thing!  I am appalled!” Yes, you are a lying, appalled bitch. 

And even as late as last January 24 , 2007, our perverted Vice president, Dick Cheney, got mad  and refused to answer the question about his dyke daughter and told CNN News reporter Wolf Blitzer, “I think, frankly, you?re out of line with that question.”  Well, evidently, secret polls have now revealed that Americans are now overwhelmingly in support of the vile sodomite agenda and lifestyle, or Dick and Lynne Cheney would never have allowed their phony, staged, kissy-poo photo with Mary?s bastard baby to be made, let alone released,  promoted, and widely circulated like a Hollywood publicity stunt. 

Look again at the disgusting, blasphemous thing, and you will see in that sick photo irrefragable proof, meaning proof that is impossible to refute, that America is doomed.  God’s wrath is certain.  God hates America, land of the sodomite damned.  We’ve turned America over to fags.  They’re coming home in body bags.  Troops are dying in Iraq for Cheney’s sins.  The Cheneys miserably failed to bring up daughter Mary in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).  To cover their own sins, they would sodomize and destroy the souls of millions of Americans. 

Mary is a dyke abomination.  Now she’s spawned a dyke couple bastard baby, adding abomination to abomination.  Can anything be worse in the eyes of a holy God?  Wake up, America!  His word still stands.  The Cheneys changed the truth of god into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever, amen.  For this cause, God gave them up unto vile affections, for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.  Wherefore God also give them up to uncleanness to the lusts of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves (Romans 1:24-26).  God has given America up to their uncleanness and only the wrath of God is left for America, a once great nation.  God hates America. America is doomed.  Amen.

Lest anyone on the right try to distance themselves from the insanity of Phelps, take a look at Matt Barber of Concerned Women for America’s only slightly less outlandish reaction to the news about Darth’s grandchild after the jump.

Ms. Cheney apparently intends to have a woman by the name of Heather Poe, whom she has identified as her lesbian “partner,” assist in the rearing of her son; but unfortunately, Ms. Poe can never replace little Samuel David’s other parent – his dad. One wonders if Ms. Cheney has ever contemplated what her childhood may have been like if she had been denied her own father.

…Mary Cheney – who is in a very high profile position because of who her father is – has been blessed with a platform upon which she has the potential to accomplish so much good. Unfortunately, in this case she has chosen to use that platform in a manner which only serves to chip away at one of the principal God given cornerstones of a healthy society – the natural family.

Jeremy of Good As You ripped away:

But Mr. Barber is right in saying Ms. Poe can never be a dad, just like she can never (without surgery) be a husband, granddad, or someone who pees standing up at a urinal (at least easily).  That’s because Ms. Poe is a woman.  But that doesn’t mean she can’t be a wonderful, loving, capable co-parent who raises this child with great success.  As Mary is a woman whose truth draws her to other women, and Ms. Poe is the one particular female to which Mary has dedicated her life, Heather is the perfect person to share this burden and joy.

…Mary Cheney’s womb is only on a platform because you social conservatives have had the gall to place it on suchShe has not asked for her road to motherhood to be analyzed, debated, and decried by you kids; you all foisted her placenta-nourished undertakings into the spotlight!  And then you have the audacity to imply that by living the life that is natural to her, she is chipping away at the “natural family”?  It simply blows the mind that you and your evangelical pals actually feel you have the right to act in such a way.  You paint the picture that God has given us a world in which only fertile, heterosexual pairs truly exist.  You completely overlook the actual reality of the world, and instead define “natural” as that which your own narrow views finds acceptable. 

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding