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Update on the Fagbug story

I couldn’t help but be touched by this story.  Though I have never had an act of vandalism happen to me or my property directly because I have “Teh Gay”, the Fagbug story still tugged on my heart strings.

This woman is so brave, courageous and so full of resolve that I am filled with almost a sort of longing to be more of the same.  I am so inspired by her story.

So last month after the word of Erin Davie’s vandelism of her VW Bug, I subscribed to her blog on and I have been keeping up monitoring her situation and linking those in my blogging community to her.

I was going through the last couple of Fagbug updates when I found one dated a couple of days ago.

As it turns out, the Fagbug was re-vandalised.  From the looks of things, after escorting a friend to her car in the parking-lot they had noticed that all that was left of the word “fag” on the bug was the lower portion of the letter “g”.

Someone had taken a razor blade to her car in a public parking-lot and attempted to remove the vandalism that she turned into a noticeable plight of activism.

…we both walked over to it to look closer together and we saw that someone took a razer blade and went in all kind of directions to remove it the best they could. Some spots were still there and the overall look of each letter is visbile based on what parts they scraped off and what was left, but for the most part it was totally removed and there are just very tiny pieces of red still there…

As it turns out, Erin has had at least 5 mysterious, and threatining notes left on her bug. 

You can read more at be sure to click on blog.

Also, Erin just had some Fagbug bumper stickers made up to support her cross country road trip. She will be making them available for purchase on her website as well.

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