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Papal anti-gay bleating of the week

The homophobia is like an old comfortable shoe for Papa Ratzi; on Thursday he gave props to anti-gay forces demonstrating against extending domestic partner benefits to gay couples.

Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday praised a recent demonstration in Rome against proposed legislation granting legal rights to unmarried couples, including gay ones, saying it showed that traditional family was at the core of Italian society.

…Hundreds of thousands of people turned out for the demonstration to protest a bill that would grant legal rights to unmarried couples, including hospital visits and inheritance rights. The bill does not legalize gay marriage, as was done in other European countries, such as Spain.

The bill has angered the Vatican, which under Benedict has been conducting a fierce campaign to protect traditional family based on marriage between man and woman. In a speech to Italian bishops, Benedict said he respected the distinction between the church and politics. But he added that the church cannot ignore “what is good for man … what is good for the common good of Italy.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding