Dumbo-sized flaps
Why the long face…

Down in comments Ruthie asked what was up with the droopy eyes on bassets, and since I have nothing better to do this evening, I’ll try to explain as it was explained to me.

Bassets, like bloodhounds, are scent dogs generally used for tracking (or, in our case, sleeping on the furniture) and they were bred to have loose skin around their faces so that when they put their nose to the ground to follow the scent the folds of skin “hold” the scent so that they don’t get distracted. The same goes for the overdeveloped ears that cowl around the face to keep the scent. Because they were and are used to track rabbits and other animals that go to ground, they were also bred to have short powerful legs (a type of dwarfism) to keep them close to the ground and allow them to dig and follow their prey down into the hole if given a chance. Their tails are quite thick which allows the owner to pull them back out since they’re somewhat bullheaded and have one-track minds. One last thing about their tails: it should always have a white tip and it should curve upwards which allows the owner to spot them in low brush.

You’ll also read that the breed tends to weigh between 45-70 pounds… Cooder, our first, was the runt and he weighed 45 pounds. Satchmo maxed at at out 88, and Beckham is close to eighty now and I expect he may hit in the nineties. They’re not purse dogs.

Unless you’re Karen Hughes…

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