Because this is how Mitt rolls

Mitt Romney (father of five, grandfather of twenty-three…whoops – twenty-four…whoops – now twenty-five, and only one wife …for the moment) is totally down with the kids as indicated by his myspace page . In fact Mitt has 21186 friends if you include his wife and five military-aged-but-not-serving sons. And when Mitt is not hanging out with Mike Wallace (who is slightly older than Mitt and likes to steal hats) he likes to roll with the MittPosseâ„¢ and par-tay.

Like with Heather B, for instance:

May 24 2007 7:52A You have my support!

And if Heather (warning: crazy hippity-hop music) is a fan of Mitt, then Mitt is gracious enough to be a friend of Heather and, in fact, he totally blends with her and her friends.

Aaaaa-oooo! Postum and Red Bulls for everyone and crank up the Kingston Trio because we’re goin’ to Mexico!



Yeah. Like I would tell you....