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Here we go–I'm picking up from Christy so she can go fetch her Peanut. 

Conyers: Before we resume questioning, there are a number of questions remaining unanswered and I will discuss with our ranking minority member Mr. Smith how we might approach this.  Randy Forbes of VA to be recognized.

Forbes: A sad day when someone's Christianity becomes an issue in hiring and firing. And AG of VA is Regent grad, and Regent beat Harvard on debates this year. Some of these members are "less than friendly." Fishing expedition to see if politics involved in political appointment. Chairmain Conyers to get to the bottom of any possible wrong doing.

[Um,except for Monica's admitted use of partisan tests in hiring. But never you mind, Mr. Forbes.]

Forbes: What puzzles me is that we don't apply the same standards to our self. Now going after Jack Murtha for threatening to withdraw earmarks for Mike Rogers. Majority voted not to discuss those allegations. You have succeeded in doing what you set out to do today. I thank you. 

[Forbes is trying to see how many times he can use "quote" in one 5-minute period, and I think he's up to about 20 mentions. Oh, 22 now.]

Wexler (FL): Spoke about a meeting you attended in WH where Rove was in attendance. March 5? Who else was there?

MG: Called by WHCO, Fielding, Bill Kelley, WH Comm, Dana Perino, WH political, not sure who, might be Jennings. From Dept. Sampson, myself, Deputy, Elston, Moschella, Brian R from PA, I think there were others. Mr. Rove came in late and then left early.

Wexler: Do you recall Rove saying that DOJ needed to provide specific reasons why USAs fired.

MG: Someone else made some comment and Rove re-emphasized it. 

Wexler: How long was Rove in meeting?

MG: Maybe for half the meeting.

Wexler: What occurred?

MG: Discussion about Moschella's testimony. WH folks didn't think leg should be held up, just wanted it to pass.

Wexler: Discussion about termination of prosecutors?

MG: Name Tim Griffin submitted to POTUS for approval.  Sampson had suggested that people just comment on Moschella's prepared remarks. There was a comment about Department needing to explain reasons for dismissals. Or maybe comment by Comm folks that they wanted people to be clear in testimony.

Wexler: How many meetings at WH do you go to?

MG: 10-15.

Wexler: To the best of your recollection, someone said DOJ had to come up with reasons.

MG: Comment about people needing to be clear.

Wexler: Did Karl Rove say anything else in the meeting.  The reason Karl Rove spent his valuable time was to say DOJ needed to come up with reasons.

MG: I can't remember.

Steve King (IA): I believe this is anything but scripted. [I know, because obviously Gonzales' testimony was scripted.] Harvard U founded upon Puritan principles, founded by John Harvard, young minister, One principle was Puritan philosophy. Founding documents of Yale, result of conservative reaction by Congregationalists about Harvard's departure from its values. Regent is a successor to Yale which is a successor to Harvard, and this Nation was founded on religious principles. If I could ask you proceedures adopted, your role and Sampson's.

MG: If you're addressing the delegation to DAG. Regulation sent to AG, I received it and it was really to fix some problems. A ratification of past personnel decisions. Third piece of package to do delegation to CoS and WH Liaison. It was essentially housekeeping. It did retain authority for DAG for their staffs. It did withhold some authority.

King: Important issues before Congress. Murtha, Jefferson. All of these things are far more important than this issue. This is a circus without a cause.

Hank Johnson (GA): Who’s paying for your lawyers.

MG I intend to establish a legal defense fund at some point but haven’t done so yet.

Johnson: The order established new guidelines. Were you aware of that when you were hired to be WH Liaison.

MG Yes

Johnson: You acknowledged that you may have gone too far in asking political questions of applicants. Did those positions include AUSAs. How many times?

MG I can't give you an answer. I don't think I did it more than 50 times. 

Fancy lawyer interrupts–please let Monica filibuster.

MG I was involved in career hiring in different ways. When I was looking at waiver requests…

Johnson: Thank you. Did AG know you were asking political questions for applicants. Did DAG?

MG I don't believe he knew. DAG. It depends on category.

Johnson did you disucss that you were asking political questions: AG, DAG, AAG

MG No. I don't know, I don't know specifically. I did interview detailees for their offices. They had a sense I was looking for Republicans.



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