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It's a boy for Mary and Heather

[UPDATE: Check out the Freeper reaction after the flip!]

But the official White House photo doesn’t show the parents. Mary and Heather are MIA — isn’t that special? (AP):

Samuel David Cheney was born at 9:46 a.m. at Sibley Hospital in Washington, the vice president’s office announced. Vice President Cheney and his wife, Lynne, paid a visit to their new – and sixth – grandchild a few hours later.

Mary Cheney announced in December that she and Poe had decided to start a family. Her decision to become pregnant and raise a child with Poe was criticized in some conservative circles. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, asserted that children need to be reared by heterosexual married couples, for instance.

A statement from Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Pride:

We join the community of American families headed by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents in congratulating Mary Cheney and Heather Poe on the birth of their son, Samuel David Cheney. Vice President Cheney’s newborn grandson and his two mothers put yet another face on our families for the American public. We wish the family the best and will continue our efforts to advocate for full equality for all American families.

See the comments on that site.

Now will little Samuel grow up to be a Log Cabin Republican or a straight up GOoPer?

Actual Freeper Quotes

Who planted the seed? This is just wrong to do to a child. IMO

I couldn’t agree more. But since it is being done, I am very glad he’s a boy. At least he won’t see them as a role model.

I’m willing to bet the kid will rebel and tell ‘Heather’ to get lost.

It’s this whole homosexual marriage issue again. Since Cheney is against same-sex marriage and his lesbian daughter is in a relationship and having a baby, the MSM tries to make this seem like Cheney will be hypocritical by welcoming his new grandson. On the other hand, he would be seen as heartless if he rejected the little guy because of his opposition to gay marriage or relationships. Either way, they have wanted to make Dick Cheney look bad.

They’ve been together for 16 years.

That’s probably because they are not legally married. I know alot of people who stay together becuase of the legality mess and money …of a divorce…..

So’ They’ve been immoral for 16 years. Does that make them special’ I was responding to the broad brush. I commend their commitment to each other.

Lesbians are not known for their long relationships. Probably this boy will know many mommies. I pray that his maternal grandparents, Lynn and Dick, will provide the stability he will need. I pray for his well being and happiness.

On issues of who is the father and homosexual couples, the policy is ‘don’t ask – don’t tell’. We’re not supposed to think about how sperm and egg joined together or whose sperm and egg joined.

As we watch these issues of life follow the spiral down to the Inferno, is it not clear that only the Catholic Church is right in every instance’ OK, I’m Catholic, but my brothers in Christ must see the leadership the Catholic provides in this area.

Strap on your flame suit.

I guess Dick Cheney is going to have to be the male influence in his life. At least that’s positive.

I understand that some homosexuals take on opposite-sex roles, one being the male and one the female. I have actually encountered more of a thing where you have two women who dress and act like two men but who relate sexually as members of the opposite sex. I don’t know if it ever works out where two women actually act/look like real women but are lesbian. Regardless, even a brief consideration of that displays the abnormality of it all. So “who is the daddy” is really quite a question. Maybe we should also ask, “Who is the role model'” Is he to see himself as a future male version of one of the females’ Is he to see himself in homosexual men’ Is he to see himself as growing up to be like grandpa’ I suppose that last one is the best case scenerio, but then he would see himself as embracing homosexuality in his own children. I wonder if that includes sex between the children themselves. I mean why not’ Whose morality says they shouldn’t have sex’ Or even sex between parents and children’ Why not’ Whose morality demands that be unacceptable’

Grammy & Grampy can write a new book…’Sammy Has Two Mommies’.

The whole morality issue is where lots of people have trouble. You have to really say there’s no difference between a mother and a father in a child’s life to accept that homosexual couples are just the same. And you have to reject morality to accept homosexual parents in the first place.

Very difficult situation for the VP and his wife. They surely love their daughter, yet cannot be happy with her life style. Still, I’m sure they will love this little guy as much as their other grandchildren.

Since Cheney is against same-sex marriage and his lesbian daughter is in a relationship and having a baby

Cheney is not against it. At least he has never said so. No, he is against allowing the courts to decide, but his arguments tend to lean towards his being personally for it.

Two women cannot have intercourse and produce a child. I’m so confused.

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