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Supporting the Troops

Let’s review …

Summary discharge of needed, competent troops?  Check.
Censored email and restricted blogs?  Check.
Inadequately armored vehicles?  Check.
Equipment in poor repair?  Check.
Second-rate body armor?  Check.
Longer deployments?  Check.
Higher suicide rates?  Check.
Lousy medical care?  Check.
Bad leadership?  Check.
Plan to end the war and bring the troops home?  Uhh … no.

Wow.  Now that’s what I call supporting our troops.  I’m sure glad our government is doing all it can to help our valiant men and women fighting the
Glorious People’s Global War On Freedom Terror To Protect The Homeland From Islamohomofacism © ® ™

(And just to throw in one more point here: Supporting the Troops does NOT mean helping to carry their coffins to a freshly-dug grave.)

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