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SF Chronicle has its head up its you-know-what

There was quite a rollercoaster ride over at San Francisco Chronicle  today, after BlackTsunami, HRC (which contacted the reporter yesterday about it), and John at Americablog exposed the heinous reporting by the San Francisco Chronicle on an article in support of the adoption of foster children by same-sex couples.

The problem with the article, by Ilene Lelchuk, in its zeal to provide “balance” quoted the junk science “expert” on gays and children, Paul Cameron, director of the Family Research Institute. Yes, the same Paul Cameron who was booted from the American Psychological Association “for a violation of the Preamble to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists.”  The same Paul Cameron who wrote in his pay-to-publish “research” that the average lifespan of gay men was 42 and lesbians was 44 — ridiculous nonsense that was debunked for its absurd methodology, but doesn’t stop fringe movement types like James Dobson and Peter LaBarbera from citing Cameron’s “findings”  time and again.

It’s embarrassing that a mainstream newspaper would even interview a man as an expert on gays and adoption who, according to the Southern Povery Law Center,  told the 1985 Conservative Political Action Committee conference that “extermination of homosexuals” might be needed in the next three to four years.

That’s credible reporting, all right. It didn’t take long, but later in the afternoon, the Chronicle was forced to add a “clarification” to the article.

CLARIFICATION: In an article about San Francisco’s campaign to get more gays and lesbians to adopt foster children – as well as an opposing evangelical campaign to get more Christian families to adopt — the Chronicle quoted Paul Cameron, director of the Family Research Institute. The article should have noted that Cameron, who believes gays make unfit parents and self-published dozens of articles he said were based on his research, was expelled from the American Psychological Association in 1983 when he refused to subject his work to peer review. The article also should have reported that his Family Research Institute was named a hate group in 2006 by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The bigger picture is that this kind of mistake, when unchecked, gives people like Cameron exposure in the MSM that gives him legitimacy that he doesn’t deserve, and it’s dangerous, since he can be cited again and again. John nails it.

It’s one thing for a newspaper to say that they’re going to cite a gay critic and we just have to accept that fact. Fine. But you don’t quote a critic who runs the Klan, the neo-Nazis or a white supremacist organization unless you are going to identify him as such. You don’t quote that critic’s “science,” unquestioned, when the lead scientific associations in America have called it intentionally misrepresented junk. To do otherwise legitimizes the critic and their hate. To quote Cameron at all, let alone as just another guy who thinks that science proves that gays molest kids, is beyond contemptible. It is the lowest form of journalism.

Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin emailed me to remind folks about Paul Cameron’s Holocause denier writings.

Last week, I uncovered evidence that Paul Cameron is a holocaust denier — as far as gays are concerned. He wrote a little-noticed article in 1999 that quotes extensively from Rudolph Hoss’ memoirs on “how to deal with gays.” Rudolph Hoss — not to be confused with Rudolph Hess — was the SS officer hand selected by Himmler to be the first comandant at Auschwitz. Hoss was later executed for his war crimes.

In 1999, Cameron turned to a notorious Nazi to talk about how to make gays abandon their homosexual behavior. I wrote an article last week that connects the dots between Cameron’s theories on homosexuality and his admiration for Rudolph Hoss’s accounts. It is all right here:

http://www.boxturtle… (Paul Cameron’s World) — if you want to go straight to the Hoss’ accounts, scroll about halfway down to the subheading, “Gays in Nazi Germany”. I included a jpeg image of his actual article, complete with swastika, as it appeared in his newsletter.

Also, I have compiled a list of all authors who have referred to Cameron since the mid-nineties. That list continues as a work in progress:

http://www.boxturtle…  (Paul Cameron’s Collaborators)

Cameron’s recent appearance in the Chronicle I think presents a good opportunity to publicize his Nazi-sympathetic writings from on his own web site.

* Junk scientist Cameron darling of right wing anti-gay organizations

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