AfterElton continues its series of articles by James Hillis about openly gay newsmen (see my earlier post). The interesting portion of part two, Gay Newsmen – A Clearer Picture, is the profile of Fox & Friends executive producer, David Brown, who comes out to the press for the first time in this piece.

Brown notes that at the right-wing propaganda outlet he was never in the closet to his bosses, including Roger Ailes.

Brown has worked closely with Fox News CEO and chairman Roger Ailes since two years before the Fox News Channel began, and has been with FNC since its inception. Brown said he’s been out to Ailes throughout that entire time and that Ailes has no issue with it. As Brown describes their relationship: “Loved me. I love him.”

The brand of internal conservativism at Fox doesn’t match that of its target audience, as LGBT employees are treated well within the organization even as it feeds the Freeper beast. Brown, sadly, is an enabler, another gay man who takes a paycheck from people who promote bigotry, rationalizing that as long as he’s personally treated well, then all must be OK in the world for the rest of the LGBT community. He slept well at night when he helped launch, of all programs, The O’Reilly Factor.

Many of Fox’s most high-profile conservative opinion makers are similarly comfortable with Brown’s sexual orientation. Brown was the lead producer when launching The O’Reilly Factor  and says that Bill O’Reilly was “absolutely” cool with Brown’s sexual orientation. “Bill and I care very, very deeply for each other,” Brown said. “I mean, he was a mentor to me. I’ve been to his home. I was part of building this wonderful, incredibly amazing huge thing [The O’Reilly Factor].”

As the head producer on The O’Reilly Factor, Brown was a part of the discussion on how topics such as gay adoption, Gay Days at Disney and gay circuit party culture were covered. “My point of view was heard and respected,” Brown explained, “and whether or not Bill agreed with it – and it’s not The Brown Factor, it’s The O’Reilly Factor – but he had me at his side and in his ear.” [Jeebus.]

As for family-values conservative Sean Hannity, Brown said, “Sean and I love each other.” As to whether Hannity has an issue with Brown being gay, Brown said: “I’m Dave and he’s Sean, and the show is good, or the show is bad. There is no gay issue.” Brown insisted it’s like that across the board at Fox, and said that at monthly NLGJA mixers at a local New York gay club, Fox News journalists are “always the largest contingent.”

When asked whether Fox News management is comfortable with this kind of gay visibility from its employees, Brown responded: “I’d go even beyond that. What’s wonderful here is that not only is management comfortable with it, they support it.”

You have to read the rest of the piece.

What do you do with people like Brown? It’s great they are out of the closet to their colleagues, but the almighty dollar in his wallet means more to him than the anti-gay propaganda he helps to produce. Do people in his shoes have any ability to see how they are not “working on the inside” to make things better for the average LGBT person out there in America who is getting gay-bashed, losing their job, their kids or any of the legal quandries we face that he doesn’t have to deal with?

The loyal sheeple who are spoonfed their opinions via Fox News Channel surely don’t think that gay is OK when they tune in to the content produced by Brown (and others like him). Brown just doesn’t have a problem with it, since he and Sean are likethis. When Sean and O’Reilly come around to support ENDA, hate crimes legislation, the repeal of DADT and a host of other pending issues that really matter to the LGBT community, then we can talk.

If hypocrite Fox is gay-positive employer, then it should reflect that in its programming. Don’t hold your breath for that. Get the word out to screw with the heads of its audience.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding