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Congratulations to Nancy and Joan on their legal NY marriage!

Friend of the Blend Nancy Goldstein and her wife Joan are one of the couples who were married in Massachusetts before the ruling in New York state prevented same-sex marriages from being recognized. They are now legally married in the Empire State.  Read all about it in the New York Times.

Officially speaking, same-sex couples who live in New York State cannot be married. Nancy Goldstein and Joan Hilty, a Brooklyn couple who celebrated their third wedding anniversary on Saturday, are an unusual exception.

The two women have a pleasant Park Slope apartment, an excitable dog named Juno and a marriage certificate signed by the town clerk of Provincetown, Mass. Ms. Goldstein, 45, and Ms. Hilty, 40, were two of the gay and lesbian New Yorkers who rushed to cities and towns in Massachusetts to get married in May 2004, after it became the first state in the country to legalize same-sex marriages.

In the three years since then, the validity of their marriage certificate has been something of a question mark. But Ms. Goldstein and Ms. Hilty learned last week that a judge had ruled that same-sex couples from New York who married in Massachusetts from May 2004 to July 2006 have a legally recognized marriage.

“I got married,” said Ms. Goldstein, a director of an advocacy group for pregnant women. “I did not get civil-unioned. I got married.”

The judge’s ruling, issued on May 10 in Suffolk County Superior Court in Boston, stemmed from a lawsuit filed on behalf of seven same-sex couples from outside Massachusetts.

New York’s highest court rejected recognition of Massachusetts same-sex marriages on July 6, 2006, so any marriages performed in the Bay State between May 17, 2004, when that state authorized same-sex marriages, and the former date, are legal.

I cannot tell from the article whether other legal marriages — such as those performed in Canada prior to the ruling, will be recognized in full at some point. It would be huge if that hurdle is cleared.

* NY same-sex Massachusetts marriages upheld

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