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Colorado: pro-gay Angie Paccione files to take on homophobe Musgrave again

The Dem challenger who came within 3 points of unseating one-note bigot U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (the Federal Marriage Amendment was her dog and pony show) is tossing her hat in the ring again.

Angie Paccione (Fort Collins) emailed me last night to let me know that she filed her papers — so she’s officially in. Her strong run last time around forced Musgrave and the GOP to spend millions to save that seat. This time around it looks like Angie will have some primary competition (including State Sen. Brandon Shaffer from Boulder), now that the ineffective bigot Musgrave has been softened up. A Dem hasn’t held the 4th District seat since Nixon was in office. Musgrave is already assembling her re-election campaign team.  (Denver Post, from a couple of days ago):

Musgrave defeated Democrat Angie Paccione by only 3 percentage points in November after one of the season’s nastiest campaigns. So-called 527 groups spent millions on the race. Reform Party candidate Eric Eidsness collected about 10 percent of the vote.

“If they can’t beat Marilyn in the worst environment Republicans have seen in over 30 years, they sure aren’t going to do it this year,” [Musgrave campaign chair, state Rep. Cory] Gardner said.

Paccione is planning another run, which would pit her against Shaffer in a rough primary. But Paccione is already looking past that and at Musgrave, pointing out that she won with the lowest percentage of the vote of any member of Congress.

“You can’t get more vulnerable than that,” Paccione said of the third-term congresswoman.

Paccione is a strong supporter of marriage equality, and she still came within a sliver of taking out Musgrave.

If you want to see why Paccione so deserved to win, take a look at her in this debate with Musgrave after the flip, along with a clip of Musgrave literally running away when questioned about her record.
The Declaration of Independence says that we hold these truths to be self-evident that all are created equal. Equal. I stand for equality of all American citizens. Equality. No asterisks…no parentheses…every American should have equality under the law. You know what a threat is to marriage? Divorce is a threat to marriage. You know what else is a threat to marriage? Infidelity is a threat to marriage. Domestic violence is a threat to marriage. Losing your job is a threat to marriage. Marriage is not a threat to marriage. I support equality.”


Look at this clip from 2006 when Ben Gelt of ProgressActionNow approached Musgrave and asked her to respond to a question from an undecided voter in her district:

If you had the choice between saving a soldier’s life and preventing a gay marriage, which would you choose, Congresswoman?

Guess what? She runs away, and her handlers/goons push at the camera, and rough up Gelt on a public street. He also asks her about her zero rating from the Disabled American Veterans. She just drove away.

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