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Chaos and Order

Chris Hedges, who has written frequently on the Theocratic goals of the Right, has a new article titled, “The Christian Right’s Fear of Pleasure is Our Greatest Threat to Choice.” Though I think the title is not quite right, I agree with his comments. A lot of today’s society is quite chaotic and many people can’t deal with so much chaos. They get lost in addictions. The Religious Right doesn’t offer a way to deal with the chaos, but instead offers a way to replace the chaos with order. Never mind that sufficient order is impossible. To impose order one must go to drastic measures and many former addicts are turned into warriors against the secular society, and even against love, a emotion that can’t be controlled.

Here’s where a hefty dose of irony comes in… A great deal of the chaos of modern life is due to so many people being part of the working poor. No matter how hard they work, they fall further behind. Employers do all they can to cut the cost of the workforce while protecting their own income. Which means the economic wing of the GOP, funded by corporations, is causing the chaos that the religious wing of the GOP is trying to eliminate. Perhaps, to put it cynically (who, me?), the Right is taking advantage of the chaos created by the GOP to recruit new warriors.

Another creator of chaos (not mentioned in the article) is what I’ve heard described as the Postmodern Experiment, the destruction of taboos of sex (well, the general loosening of moral rigidity). While we gay people have benefited from lifting these taboos, the modern family, now split by adultery, divorce, and a lack of commitment to spouse and child, has suffered. Another source (which, alas, I won’t be able to credit because it is an out-of-print book I read in Australia) trace that Postmodern Experiment to the Viet Nam War. Government, abetted by churches, pushed the war as the patriotic duty of Christians, which turned a lot of people away from the church.

The Hedges article is at: http://www.alternet….

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Paul K