Another Edition Of Do As Digby Says…

payphone.jpgHere's an opportunity to help shine a bit of much needed sunshine on a bunch of big, fat lies:

My favorite election suppressor Hans von Spakovsky caught the attention of McClatchy this week-end:

Von Spakovsky, who had been a longtime voting rights activist and elections official in Georgia before serving at Justice, accepted a presidential recess appointment to a Republican slot on the Federal Election Commission in December 2005. He is scheduled to appear at a June 13 confirmation hearing before the Senate Rules and Administration Committee.

Calling Orville Reddenbacher.

Here's the committee:

Dianne Feinstein, CA

Robert Bennett, UT
Ranking Member

Robert C. Byrd
Ted Stevens
Daniel K. Inouye
Mitch McConnell
Christopher J. Dodd
Thad Cochran
Charles E. Schumer
Trent Lott
Richard J. Durbin
Kay Bailey Hutchison
E. Benjamin Nelson
C. Saxby Chambliss
Harry Reid
Patty Murray
Lamar Alexander
Chuck Hagel
Mark L. Pryor

I think I'll send along a little note to my senator Dianne Feinstein. And I think it would also be a great opportunity for presidential candidate Chris Dodd to step up and take on this very important issue of vote suppression. I think I'll send him a note too. Chuck Shumer and Harry Reid will obviously want to have a good chat with Hans, as will Dick Durbin, so I'll send along a note to them too. I might even give their offices a jingle before the committee meets just to let them know how much I appreciate that a right wing hit man like Von Spakovsky is thoroughly questioned and hopefully removed from the FEC.

Von Spakovsky has been at the very center of everything the Republicans have been doing to rig the vote for the past decade. He was with VIP when they launched the drive to "purge " the voter rolls in advance of the stolen 2000 election. He was the main hack the Bushies installed in the civil rights division at the Justice Department to set them up for 2004 and beyond. He is now on the FEC, where Bush put him in a recess appointment. He's been busy there too…

If the Democrats want to get to the bottom of the GOP voter suppression program, they might want to prepare for a very intensive hearing. He's one of the top go-to vote rigging guys in the Republican party.

Please take some time to contact members of the committee and express your concerns about Mr. Von Spakovsky and his tendency to see opportunities for voter suppression of Democrats in every public cry of wolf regarding alleged voter fraud just before an election that later turns up as an unsubstantiated, unprosecuted investigative taint on the process.

In other words, no reward for cheaters.  Period. 

And that includes cheaters that want to worm their way onto the Federal Election Commission where they can do some serious long-term damage long after the Bush regime has headed back to the brush.  Maha has even more.  Please make a call or two today — this is important. 

Think about the relationship between the issue of voter suppression, the pushing of false claims of voter fraud and the firing of USAttys, and add in a dash of Karl Rove cronyism, and you'll see why making a call today is the right thing to do.  Do as Digby says…if you think this isn't about the math, you haven't been paying attention.

(Pay phone image via eioua.)

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