Michael Hussey at Pushing Rope has a post delving into other possible motives for Steve (now Susan) Stanton’s firing from her job as city manager in Largo, FL. It involves a man named Curtis Holmes, who has submitted a petition to the city of Largo to launch a probe into who withheld information about Stanton’s plans for a sex change.

Michael notes that a 527 group, Friends of Florida, run by Holmes, received $20,000 from a man named Fred Thomas. Stanton and Largo Mayor Pat Gerald were opposed to Thomas’s acquisition of city land. Friends of Largo and Thomas backed another candidate, Bob Jackson, for mayor but Gerald won. She has been named in the petition, which claims that there was a violation of the ethics code to not immediately disclose Stanton’s plans for transition, the violation being  “dressing as a woman on city time and conspiring with city employees to keep vital information from the commission.”

. Stanton’s obvious reason for not immediately disclosing her plans was to protect her son from the media onslaught, not some political conspiracy. A taste of Holmes’s view of Stanton:

“I said I don’t care if he changes species,” Holmes said. “I made it perfectly clear that I don’t care. I said he should be fired because he kept this a secret. The only issue is what he is doing and whether it is good for the city of Largo.”

This story is full of more twists and turns.


In updated Stanton news, she made her D.C. debut last week in support of ENDA and hate crimes legislation.

“I was joking with one of the newscasters that I wish I was gay,” said Stanton. “If I was, it would have been an easier issue. If you said 20 years ago that you were gay, the same thing would have happened, but many communities now acknowledge you can still be gay and be a doctor, lawyer, professional or a city manager. We’re not there yet in the trans community.”

Stanton, 48, was one of more than 120 transgender people and allies who convened in Washington this week to lobby lawmakers for transgender rights. The two-day annual event was held Monday and Tuesday and was organized by the National Center for Transgender Equality, an activist organization working to advance civil rights and understanding for transgender people.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding