A recent Gallup poll found that the far-right fringe religious wing is out of step with most of Americans when it comes to hate crimes legislation, but that doesn’t stop the shrill anti-gay BS coming out of Concerned Women for America’s Eva Arlia in the column The Real Winner of the “First 100 Hours”.

What was accomplished in the “first 100 hours” of the 110th Congress?  From the high-handed words of “congressional revolution” and “overhaul of corruption,” you would think that national struggles have ceased to exist.  Instead, while political hype roars at the forefront, liberals in Congress such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) have left the back door open for special interests and the homosexual agenda to slip in.  Now that they’ve gotten their foot in the door, homosexual activists have taken every opportunity to launch an assault on traditional values and our God-given rights of freedom of speech and religion.

Please enjoy this assault on ENDA:

Introduced by openly-gay Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts), ENDA is another bill supposedly aimed at “equality.”  However, it is nothing more than a “gay” power grab and a dangerous threat to our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, religion and association. ENDA prohibits businesses or organizations from discriminating based on “sexual orientation,” grossly distorting civil rights by injecting bisexuality and cross-dressing among other terms which are protected under federal law.

…Sexual temptations thus become a source of material for federal lawsuits.

And the like-minded man of CWfA himself, Matt Barber, has a bad case of twisted knickers.

According to Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues of Concerned Women for America, “With liberals in control of Congress, the militant homosexual lobby has a `man on the inside,’ so to speak.  Pelosi, Kennedy and crew have already eagerly begun checking off items on the `gay’ wish list.  `Hate crimes’ – check.  ENDA – check.  Muzzle those obnoxious Christians – check.  We can only hope and pray that President Bush will provide a check of his own by vetoing each and every one of these radical pro-homosexual bills should they land on his desk.  If you’re a Christian or a conservative who once thought you’d make a statement by staying home during an election, this should open your eyes.  Elections do matter.  Fail to vote at your own peril.” 

Stay home, Matt, please stay home.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding