Come Saturday Morning…

img_0319a.JPGLike the pretty picture?  This is a shot of the Root River as it meanders through the lovely town of Lanesboro, in extreme southeastern Minnesota. (Here's a bigger version of the pic.)

It's spring in Lanesboro, and that means morel season:  Intrepid hunters go forth into the woods looking for dead elm trees — the morel's habitat of choice — while taking care to avoid the rattlesnakes that can sometimes be found near streams and other water sources.  (This is the one spot in Minnesota where poisonous snakes can be found, by the way.  Well, outside of the the Governor's Mansion, Hubbard Broadcasting, and the state Republican legislative caucus.)  Every restaurant in town offers morels on the menu at this time of year, and you can even, if you're lucky, pick up a bag or two at the local grocery store for around $24.00 a pound (that is, if the local chefs haven't snapped them up).

Nothing much for me to say right now; just recharging my batteries after a rather strenuous few weeks.  Well, I guess there are a few things for me to mention:

Chris Matthews actually got up on his hind legs and called Congresscritter Jack Kingston (R-Doofus) on troop-related bullshit.  Now let's see Tweety call his mancrushes McCain and Giuliani on it when they start spewing bullshit. 

— For a reminder of more typical American press corps behavior, check out this charming retrospective of how the US press uncritically fellated George W. Bush in the wake of his "victory" in Iraq.  Their kneepads really got the ol' workout back then.

Krugman speaks, you listen:  "…next time someone tells you that any action that might reduce corporate profits a bit — like actually enforcing health and safety regulations or making it easier for workers to organize — will reduce business investment, bear in mind that today's record profits aren't being invested. Instead, they're being used to enrich executives and a few lucky stock owners."

DINO Alert!  DINO Alert! Cliff Schecter sounds the alarm about Bruce Lunsford.  Lunsford's a guy who has given over three-quarters of his political contributions to Republicans like George W. Bush and his good buddy Mitch (Looks Like My Grandma) McConnell, and who endorsed the incredibly corrupt Republican Ernie Fletcher for governor in 2003, Oh, and he's a creationist.  And he wants the Democratic nomination for governor of Kentucky.  Fortunately, there is a real Democrat in the race: Steve Beshear, the former Lt. Gov. and state AG — and he not only has a shot, he currently holds a slight lead.   But Lunsford has money and Republican buddies, so we're not in the clear yet.   You know what to do.  (By the way:  Cliff's going to visit the Lake today at 2:00 pm Eastern Time to give us more details on this key primary, which comes to a vote this Tuesday, May 22.)

— Max Blumenthal points out what the writers at the WaPo and the NYT seem to have been at pains to avoid mentioning:  Jerry Falwell's racism and his exploitation of racism to energize the evangelical/Fundie movements and steer them into the welcoming arms of the Republican Party. 

Rick Perlstein has issued a few challenges to chickenshit conservatives. 

Taylor Marsh catches the House Republicans being snotty whining hypocrites (again). 

— Looseheadprop reminds me that Bob Geiger's Saturday Cartoon Roundup is here!

But enough of all that.  Somebody post a good morel recipe! 

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