No Confidence–Priming the Pump

Remember a while back I wrote about priming the pump for impeachment.

I wonder if I was picking up psychic vibrations from my home state senator, Chuck Schumer. 

I saw Senator Schumer on Hardball (twice–I was home with the flu) and he is pitching the idea of the Senate holding a no confidence vote indicating that they have zero confidence in Alberto Gonzales.

 Wow, talk about public humiliation.

But I don't think that is the point. i think the significance of this is to start getting Senators into shape for much more important votes that may be coming in future. If the "no confidence" vote comes in at the magic 67, we will have taken one more step closer to IMPEACHMENT TO CONVICTION.

Here's the point I have been trying to make over and over to those frustrated folks who weep and wail in the comment threads about "why won't the House vote Articles of Impeachment?"

Answer, if you are going to shoot at the king, you damn well better kill the king. Congress (House and Senate combined) has only one shot at the target and they know it, bless them. Otherwise, if you shoot before you can convict, history will record both the Clinton blow job impeachment and the Bush shredding the Constitution impeachment as equivalent, tit for tat, partisan acts. They only way to get vindication for the Constitution and the rule of law is to convict.  Think how different life would be if Fitzgerald had LOST the Libby case?  Ahhh, now you see my point!

Mr. Ex-Prop used to be a certified sharpshooter (thick FBI files on guys with those kinda skills) and he has lectured our family dinner table many times on the importance of not taking your shot prematurely. Experienced snipers will often pass up their first, second and even third clear shot (or so I am told–I can shoot a shotgun at a clay frisbee, but that's about it for me and guns) until they are rock solid certain that they have scoped out the perfect angle and lead. ( A lead is when your gun moves ahead of a moving target and you squeeze off a split second ahead of time so that the target "catches up" with the bullet/ or buckshot).

I expect there will be a number of dry runs like this "no confidence" vote and other trial balloons before both houses of Congress are sure they have both a case that will win in the court of public opinion and the votes they need for conviction in the Senate. You know even if they have the votes to convict, if the case doesn't resonate with and convince the American people, it will be a phyrric victory that could backlash against the rule of law contingent.

So how can we help? We can do everything in our power to keep the USA firing story on page one. We do everything we can to make sure that the public is clamoring to know the rest of the details of the dark of night visit to AG Ashcroft's hospital room.

Yesterday NBC's Kelly O'Donnell asked the President if he had sent Gonzales and Card to the hospital. His answer was the most hilarious example of doublespeak I have seen in a long time. But what really got me was the expression on his face.

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