Everyone’s gone to the movies…

Before stepping out for awhile to see an obscure European art film about doubt and hatred and death and redemption, I just wanted to thank Geralyn in Tampa for the BBC Office DVD collection and David in SF for the copy of Z… along with all of the stuff that he ordered for himself that they sent to me by mistake.

What anyone wants with 22 copies of The Very Best of Meatloaf is a mystery best left unsolved…

****Later that day****

Well that was kind of sucky.I love Sam Raimi, but he should never be allowed to write the script ever again. The sad thing is that there were other movies we would have rather seen, but we felt compelled to see #3 because it was on the big screen and something like Away From Her can wait for the small screen at home with a fire going.

Whatever. Like Spiderman, we have to live with the choices we make.

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....