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Not Codpiece Enough For Ya

all5.jpgI turned on my television this morning to find Washington Post columnist Roxanne Roberts on MSNBC holding forth on…wait for it…beltway fashion:

Contessa Brewer: Well  Republicans in town — you know, this is one of my favorite things — they've always sort of snickered at Democrats, they think they're the better dressers.   But I hear through the grapevine that maybe Democrats are improving their wardrobes now that they have a steadier income?

Roxanne Roberts: Well you know, I tend to actually believe that Repubicans are better dressers regardless. From personal experience there's just a little more money floating around from the families of the young staffers that come to, you know, spend some quality time and you know I sort of think of staffers in washington, particularly the young ones, you know it's like GAP years — they come here, they care about politics, they're passionate, it may not be where they end up from a career, but they're here and so, you know mom and dad are real proud of them, and they give them, they have the, you know, the nice little credit card, they live a relatively good life.  But not so much, I sometimes think the Democrats are really still scrambling.  They'll never be sort of sartorially on the same level.  I know I'm going to get letters, you can call me, you can yell at me it's fine. 

Yeah, that's what I need, some battleaxe who applies eyeliner with a magic marker lecturing Democrats about their lack of fashion sense first thing in the morning.  She has about as much authority on the subject as I do particle physics. 

What is up with the Post, its reporters and and this need to fetishisize the used car salesmen of the GOP into a bunch of Enrique Suaves?

Someone oughta clue her in that Johnny Walker Red is not the Breakfast of Champions.

This is so very important that it's filling up the airwaves while the thorough lawlessness of Fearless Leader is virtually ignored?  Please. 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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