How can I miss you if you won’t go away?

CNN’s Ed Henry almost interviews Paul “Sex Machine” Wolfowitz and you can read about it here. But we do learn, in the matter of Wolfowitz, that it appears that the people at the White House are turning into Defeatopublicans:

So I guess I missed my chance at an “exclusive” with Wolfowitz — a comical moment in the middle of a serious story.

But the encounter did provide an important clue: It showed that Wolfowitz was in fact holed up in his lawyer’s office for much of Wednesday negotiating his departure with a big condition. He wants the ethics committee at the World Bank to admit some culpability in this mess, hence Bennett’s comment about not resigning “under a cloud.”

The pivotal turn in all of this came when the White House decided to essentially drop its support for Wolfowitz, with one senior administration official telling me the situation looks grim. “We want it over — one way or the other.”

Meanwhile Douchebag of Liberty Robert Novak reports that Karl Rove’s main minion wants immunity and Republican congressmen are ready to cut and run:

Many of these congressmen believe that Rove should have quit when he was ahead as manager of the two Bush elections and left in January 2005. However, they do not want to see him limp out of Washington with his scalp hanging on Henry Waxman’s belt. “We’re not hostile to the administration,” one prominent conservative House member who did not want his name used told me. “We just want it to be over.”

I’m not sure if that last comment means that they want the Rove era to be over or they want this bumbling administration to be over. Actually I’m not sure if there is any difference…

(Update) George Bush introduces Wolfowitz to the bus:

Bush says he regrets issue of Wolfowitz’s leadership ‘has come to this’




Yeah. Like I would tell you....