Watching the debate, I was hoping for something to laugh at. and the big laugh that was had was about Edwards hair compairing it to spending.  Yes MaCain did go to the drunken sailor, but does he know that the military started to get rid of that image in 1982.  and a drug free military in 1984.

  No there was nothing really to laugh at as it was a boring debate. and nothing really came out of it.

  Mitt found his faith, and decided he will make women not have abortions, same sex mariage wont happen. and the war in Iraq wont be lost.

  As for McCain, he will be the last man standing, I now know where Rush Limbag supply of Viagra went. 

  Rudy went for the center vote, as the great warrior on the war on terror.  and leave abortion up to the Judges he will appoint if he is prez.

  Fox news did its best to not provide sound bites for time to come. but they did have to have the over the buzzer, Veto Record setter of the state of Kansas, Sam Brownback that ws asked if he is a conservitive.

  That is my take.

  And before any of my T friends plan for SRS soon.  Donate your balls, no matter how small they have gotten after meds. too a Dem that will stand up for GLBT rights.