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WND: Bush avoids 'Christianity' at Jamestown ceremony

These bible-beating folks are completely obsessed — even their demi-god Bush can’t adequately feed the fundie beast because, well, things have just gotten too damned PC.

There was a ceremony commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement in Virginia, and Dear Leader twisted knickers because he didn’t make “specific mention of the Christian faith, the spread of which was the primary purpose for creation of the settlement.”

As WND has reported, the Jamestown settlement, which predated the Plymouth, Mass., Pilgrims by 13 years, was founded with the primary instruction from King James of England that its members propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

…”Today we celebrate that moment as a great milestone in our history,” Bush said, “yet the colonists who experienced those first years had little reason to celebrate. Their search for gold soon gave way to a desperate search for food.”

I am just floored with the president’s behavior,” said one WND reader, who was anxious to see if Bush would mention the Christian heritage.

What was so horrible? Oh yeah, the dark history of Jamestown is getting in the way.

The content of acknowledgments for the 400th anniversary has become an issue because of what Christians describe as a massive effort to apply politically correct perspectives on America’s history – retroactively – at Jamestown. Official events this year, for example, have banned the word “celebration,” because Native American activists describe the settlement as an “invasion.”

Bush did not ignore that sentiment, noting: “The expansion of Jamestown came at a terrible cost to the native tribes of the region, who lost their lands and their way of life. And for many Africans, the journey to Virginia represented the beginnings of a life of hard labor and bondage. Their story is a part of the story of Jamestown. It reminds us that the work of American democracy is to constantly renew and to extend the blessings of liberty.”

Oh those damn aggrieved red and brown people, ruining a perfectly good tale of white Christians spreading the faith. My favorite quote comes from the president of Vision Forum Ministries, Doug Phillips. He lost his cookies at last year’s proclamation by Bush:

Bush’s previous presidential proclamation in honor of the 400th at Jamestown doesn’t mention the Christian faith or Christianity, and the leader of a group working to have that history accurately portrayed is troubled.

“America looks to our leaders in moments of historic importance to remind us of our foundations as a free people. Historically American presidents have taken the opportunity of the celebration of Jamestown to point out that this experiment in liberty was first dedicated to God,” said Doug Phillips.

…”This nation was established on the foundation of Christianity,” Phillips said. “There are some important positives about the president’s proclamation, but there also appear to be some very troubling edits of this significant document prior to its release to the American people.”

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