He hasn’t surfaced in a while, but the man who was dumped by Whitney, busted countless times for being drug or alcohol addled breaks big with a homo-bashing diatribe. In this video he threatens to “fuck up,” in all his hypermasculine glory, a British chat show host (Jamie Campbell) who makes an innocuous joke sexual advance on the has-been pop star.

Towleroad has a transcript of the exchange. A snippet:

CAMPBELL: How do I measure up to your cellmates?
BROWN: You’re dangerous.
CAMPBELL: I haven’t tried any sex moves on you yet.
BROWN: What the f**k do you mean sex moves? Do I Look like… You saying you haven’t even tried any sex moves yet. Are you, are you…
CAMPBELL: Am I gay? Would it make a difference?
BROWN: Are you?
CAMPBELL: Why would it make a difference?
BROWN: You said to me, I ahven’t even tried any sex moves on you yet. Yet? What the fuck you mean, ‘yet’? I’m a grown-ass man. Yet? On live TV I will fuck you up. Trust.

Keith Boykin makes an apt point about Brown’s outlandish homophobia:

If it weren’t Bobby Brown, it would be someone else saying the same thing or threatening the same action with no cameras present. The fact that Brown was willing to show his true colors on “live television” indicates just how real and pervasive is the mentality.

Still, there’s a real opportunity to use this incident as a lesson on violence and hate crimes directed at gays and lesbians. Many a criminal defendant has invoked the infamous “gay panic” defense to justify the murder or assault of a gay man who allegedly came on to them. It’s time to put that defense to rest, especially for womanizing men who have no shame in making unwelcome advances to females.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding