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Anti-gay robocall revs up Dallas mayoral race

Democrat Ed Oakley, who is openly gay, is gearing up for the upcoming runoff election to determine the next mayor of Dallas, Texas. He beat out nine other candidates to make it to the runoff.

Political bloggers are musing that an Oakley win will turn the city into the “next San Francisco,” and an anonymous robocall has launched started the gay-bashing, dialing up voters to warn that Oakley has “a radical gay agenda for the city.” You can listen to the call here.


In more positive news, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute reports more progress in Red State America.

Jim Roth, who was the first openly gay elected official in Oklahoma has been appointed to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission by Governor Brad Henry, making him the first openly gay statewide official.

Roth was endorsed by the Victory Fund in his two elections for the Oklahoma County Commission; he was congratulated by VF president Chuck Wolfe:

“We are enormously proud of Jim. He was the first openly gay elected official anywhere in Oklahoma, and now will become the first openly gay statewide official.  Jim is passionate about public service and committed to making life better for all Oklahomans.  This appointment is a testament to his strong work ethic, bold leadership and trademark optimism.  Jim has shown that sexual orientation need not be a barrier to serving the public as an elected or appointed leader.”

There are more than 370 openly LGBT elected officials across the country, including 18 openly gay mayors, according to The Victory Fund. What’s interesting is this stat — about 22% of all Americans are represented by an openly gay official.

I wonder what that percentage would jump to if you included the closeted ones.


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