The sale of sex toys and novelties is illegal Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas is illegal, but a persistent store owner in Alabama is not deterred by the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case in 2005, leaving it a crime to sell a vibe in Alabama.

The case is on appeal. (365gay):

“A person should have the right to make their own decision to explore their sexual boundaries outside what some government official says is moral,” Sherri Williams said outside the Supreme Court before filing the appeal.

Williams has waged a mostly losing battle against the law since the state legislature passed it in 1998.

The Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dealt her the latest setback on Valentine’s Day, upholding the ban as constitutional and saying “the state’s interest in preserving and promoting public morality provides a rational basis for the challenged statute.”

The best part of this ridiculous law are the allowed exceptions — sales of sexual devices ‘for a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose.’

The last time we were visiting my wife’s folks in Alabama, we saw a building alongside the highway that was clearly a XXX shop/sex toy vendor. It was very visible from the road. The state has chosen not to enforce the law while the case is on appeal. If the law is upheld, it will be a big boost for online businesses, that’s for sure.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding