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Pride Parades Should Be Turned Into Activism

“The firing of “JV” and “Elvis”, announced Saturday by WFNY comes three weeks after the pair were suspended when Chinese Americans expressed their outrage.”

“At one point, said GLAAD Sr. Director of Media Programs, Rashad Robinson, a receptionist hung up on a GLAAD senior staff member and told him to ‘stop calling.’ 

“Eventually, Robinson said, Mainelli did call back, was unapologetic about the anti-gay tirade, defending the radio segment as ‘comedy.'”

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This article should serve as a valuable lesson!  Anti-ethnic slurs are not “politically correct” or socially approved because media, politicians, and hateful clergy know full well that to engage in such rhetoric will cost them dearly, save for the really stupid haters such as these two who were fired for their anti-ethnic slurs.  They know that it will cost them money, sponsors, and credibility, and give them a reputation that they won’t soon live down.  Also, they well know that there would be mass demonstrations by the offended ethnic group against hateful rhetoric and practices.

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Jerry Maneker

Jerry Maneker