cat-herding.jpgI brought in some cowpokes — erm, catpokes — to bring you the following tidbits:

— "Don't forget — FIRE the Vet!"  Will General Paul Eaton be the next former high-ranking Pentagon dude to be summarily deleted from the GOP/Media Complex's speed dial lists and the Coalition of the Willing Bush Fluffers?

— Speaking of ornery Pentagon brass, sounds like the active-duty generals are thinking of the ultimate taboo for American military figures:  Telling Bush to start a withdrawal from Iraq or face a revolt from the people who, unlike him, actually know what it's like to fight in a war.  (As even conservative columnist Steve Chapman points out, it's not as if Republicans haven't 'cut and run' before.)

— By the way, as Siun mentioned earlier, you might want to call up the folks running for president and tell them to call Harry Reid and tell him to stop hiding behind procedure:

Obama: 202-224-2854
Clinton: 202-224-4451
Edwards: 919-636-3131
Richardson: 505-982-2291
Kucinich: 877-413-3664
Gravel: 703-652-4698

Reid needs to let the Feingold bill – the one that really would end the war – have a clean shot in the Senate, and not be spot-welded to a water bill that he knows full well the Republicans will filibuster to death.  But the scuttlebutt is that a number of chickenshit Democrats — including some presidential candidates — don't want to go on record as voting for a clean end-the-war bill, so he's obliging them by attaching it to a bill that the Republicans will of course filibuster until (surprise, surprise!) the dreaded end-the-war measure is removed.  That way, they have their cake and eat it, too:  they can avoid going on record on the war and yet pretend that they really woulda voted for it if not for Those Mean Ole Republicans filibustering the bill.

Feingold-Reid deserves consideration on the floor of the Senate as a free-standing bill with a straight up or down vote — and the Democrats need to go on record, just as the Republicans do, one way or the other.  If they really want Bush's damned war, make them say so – over and over again.  Their corporate and neocon buddies might approve, but most of America won't — and they know that.  By the way, you can call Reid, too:  Phone his DC office here: 202-224-3542  (Fax: 202-224-7327); toll free # for Nevadans: 1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343). (P.S. — You don't need to call Chris Dodd; he's the guy who alerted us to this scam in the first place.) 

 — Why, oh why, are the members of the mainstream media so afraid of saying straight out that Fred Thompson's spent eighteen years as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill — more time than he's spent at any other career on his résumé?

— Proof that Matt Drudge still rules their world.

— Dammit, I'm sorry, and I know I've said this before, but Mitch McConnell looks like my grandma. Seriously. (Or would, if she were alive.) Just give him a wispy little-old-lady perm and wire rims and he is sooooo much my grandma. Except she was smarter. And nicer. (He also looks like Gary Bauer with cortisone injections everywhere but his daintily-pursed lips.)  [UPDATE:  Thanks to Dakine01, here's a picture of Mitch McConnell looking like my grandma if Grandma had long black hair instead of short brown — later gray — hair.  Lovely!]

OK, I'll go away quietly now.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman