You might have seen the‘s TV ads that poke at online matchmaking service eHarmony’s straight-folks only policy (apparently gay folks don’t have “29 dimensions of compatibility” that hets do):

In the ad, a young man flips through what looks like a Playboy mag, kind of bored, and then he says: “Nope,” sighing,  “still gay.” And then he’s superimposed with a big red “Rejected by eHarmony” stamp.

Guess what? eHarmony’s pissed at being called out for discrimination in the ad and is asking media outlets to stop running’s ads or for the ads to be altered.

“I mean, I am a good person. Right?” asks an actress in one of the TV spots, as a giant red “Rejected by eHarmony” graphic slams onto the screen. The ads note that eHarmony has rejected more than one million people who are “looking for love.”

No fair, says eHarmony, concerned that its rival’s ads suggest that eHarmony is being arbitrary — or worse, racially and religiously discriminatory — in turning people away. It wants’s ads changed or dropped.

To that end, the company’s outside legal counsel, Lanny J. Davis (who spun the media for President Bill Clinton during his “relationship problems” with Monica Lewinsky), last week asked NBC and People magazine to stop running’s current ads, or at least insist on some fine-print qualifiers about what “1 million rejected” really means. (As of Friday, NBC hadn’t responded to Davis; People magazine said that it wasn’t taking sides in the feud and that it would continue running the ads.)

What? Are we surprised at a Clinton/Lieberman drone (Davis) defending eHarmony?

eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren is best buds with Daddy Dobson, and claims he’s too ignorant of gay/lesbian relationships to help anyway:

“We’re trying to reach the whole world – people of all spiritual orientations, all political philosophies, all racial backgrounds,” Warren says.

…Warren says eHarmony promotes heterosexual marriage, about which he has done extensive research. He says he does not know enough about gay and lesbian relationships to do same-sex matching. It “calls for some very careful thinking. Very careful research.” He adds that same-sex marriage is illegal in most states. “We don’t really want to participate in something that’s illegal.”

Hat tip, PoliticsTV.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding