What is it with the celebrity press corps and their crushes on Republican males with decent grooming habits?  A Democratic male candidate who has his hair styled at any level above that of Fred Flintstone's gets mocked, yet before the spittle's finished leaving their lips, the mockers then whip around and fall on their knees in front of dandyish GOPers.  Mitt Romney's one example, and now we have Minnesota's own Randy Demmer, a Republican in the Minnesota House, a guy who doesn't even have national office yet, getting the Adonis-on-the-half-shell treatment from the fawning kneepadders at the Washington Post

The national GOP sees this Mitt Romney wannabee as the white knight who will knock off rookie and rising star Democrat Tim Walz (aka The Hardest Working Man in Show Business Congress) in Minnesota's First Congressional District.  Dream on, big boys — that seat is Walz's for as long as he wants it.  When Tim Walz said he'd be there for us, he meant it.

Besides, as Ollie Ox over at A Bluestem Prairie has noticed and the ComPost's hagiographers didn't, there's less to Mr. Demmer than meets the eye.  Lots less.  Think Dan Quayle or George W. Bush less. We're talking stupid and lazy, in addition to mean.  Which is of course why the NRCC sees him as prime material.  (Oh, and did we mention that he's a hypocritical flip-flopper where taxes are concerned?  Spotty at The Cucking Stool sure did!)

For a nice something to take the taste of Demmer out of your mouth, go slide on over to Norwegianity and watch a true Son of Norway do his thing.  (Yeah, he's from Iowa originally, but don't let that stop you.) 

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman