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Sunday Talking Heads Thread: Guano!


(Taken during a recent stop in Duluth, where the seagulls own Canal Park and leave lots of little grayish-white markers to prove it.)

Good — yawn — morning, Firepuppers.  Did anyone make the coffee yet?  I could use some.

I'm subbing for Christy today, and damn, I hate getting up early on the weekends.  I especially hate listening to the self-appointed (or Murdoch-appointed, or Welch-appointed) arbiters of consensus reality known as the Sabbath Gasbags.  But somebody's gotta do it!

Today looks like an extra-special load of bird poop over at NBC's Meet the Press:  Tim Russert has John McCain for the full hour!  Kneepad Alerts have been issued.

As for This Week With George Stephanopoulos:  Damned if I know who he's got on.  He apparently doesn't post that info on his website.  Prick.  [UPDATE:  Thanks to Noonan and Chinois, who both steered me to this link showing that Barack Obama's today's guest.  But Stephanopoulos is still a prick.  Nyahh.]

At least on the website for Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer tells you straight up what to expect.   Guests today: Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska, Foreign Relations Committee; Jeanne Cummings, (aka Drudge Rules Our World); Michel McQueen Martin, National Public Radio.  Topics: War And Politics.  And he keeps his transmittal of consensus reality to a trim half-hour.

Would that the same could be said of Wolf Blitzer.  His Late Edition on CNN is two mind- and ass-numbing hours of yuck.  The topic for today:  Benchmarks!  Woo-hooo! (Of course, the fact that Bush can either game or blow off the 'benchmarks' won't be discussed much, but hey.)  The guests:  Sen. Mitch McConnell, (R-Kentucky) Senate Minority Leader (who looks like my grandma); Sen. Barbara Boxer, (D-California), Senate Foreign Relations Committee (who doesn't look like my grandma); Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-South Carolina), Senate Armed Services Committee (who looks like a used-car salesman); Barham Salih, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister (who is here on Bush's behalf to beg Congress not to set a timetable to pull the US out of Iraq, even though his own parliament's about to vote on a bill that does just that); Max Cleland, (D) Former Georgia Senator; Ed Henry, CNN White House Correspondent; John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent; Dana Bash, CNN Congressional Correspondent; and Drew Barrymore, Actress, UN Ambassador Against Hunger.

Last and probably least, we have Fox News SundayRudy Giuliani will be on, trying to finesse his support of abortion rights in a party whose base thinks that birth control is evil.  But this is FOX (aka RNC TV), and Rudy is This Election Cycle's Anointed One From The GOP, just as Bush was in the 2000 cycle, so he will be protected from any seriously tough questions.  Hey, if the rest of the national corporate press is going to studiously ignore his screwing over that Iowa farmer and supporter, don't expect anyone on Fox to bring it up.

So have at it, Firepuppies!  Enjoy!

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