Mitt’s on board with the whole “body parts fit” arguement as well as a thumbs up for the Quiverfull Movement – preserve marriage for hets and shoot out babies. Mike Wallace grills him on 60 Minutes about his former pro-gay stance while governor of Massachusetts. (AP):

The former Massachusetts governor, who in his 1994 Senate bid pledged to be a more effective champion for gay causes than his Democratic rival, discussed gay marriage in an interview set to air Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

“This isn’t just some temporary convenience here on Earth, but we’re people that are designed to live together as male and female and we’re gonna have families,” he tells interviewer Mike Wallace, according to an excerpt CBS released Friday. “And that, there’s a great line in the Bible that children are an inheritance of the Lord and happy is he who has or hath his quiver full of them.”

…Romney, seeking to become the first Mormon president, also tries to allay any concerns about his religion.

“What’s at the heart of my faith is a belief that there’s a creator, that we’re all children of the same God, and that fundamentally the relationship you have with your spouse is important and eternal,” Romney said over the course of two interviews, one of which was taped at his vacation home in Wolfeboro, N.H.

He’s really having a hard go of this, isn’t he? On the one hand he says religion isn’t an issue, but then he cites scripture, opening him up to all sorts of freakouts by the right. After all, he already has one Talibangelist declare this week that a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan

Freepers are all over the map on Multiple Choice Mitt. See after the jump.

Actual Freeper Quotes?

I am too anti-Mormonism and anti-Scientology. I just do not accept Mormonism.

Who on our side ISN’T a two-faced political hack… anyone? …anyone??? If they lose 2008 it will be because they will not have learned why they lost 2006 Notice how I even find myself thinking of them as ‘they’… too many RINO’s.

“I gave the Mass GOP socialized medicine, higher fees, no Big DIG accountability, gay marriage, a wipeout of the GOP, and Patrick Deval. THINK what I could do for the national GOP now.”

“the former Massachusetts governor, who in his 1994 Senate bid pledged to be a more effective champion for gay causes than his Democratic rival…”

ok, this is a lie. All he said was that he was against discrimination.

I don’t have time to debunk all this garbage. People should do their own research.

It is no laugh to the people of Massachusetts Romney screwed. Why is their pain not serious to the Romney campaign and you?

By the way, the AP is out to destroy Mitt Romney. They’ve been pulling their levers for McCrazy because apparently he is the only one who trashes Bush on a daily basis.

Sure would have been nice if Romney had picked up a Bible WHILE he was Governor, instead of waiting until AFTER.

Yeah. Romney has higher negatives than Hillary.

At least Romney has a chance to capture the misinformed. The negatives against Hillary are the informed!

Looks like a male Barbie doll with his pommaded dye job and salon tan. Sorry.

This is only the 9th or 10th time you’ve said the same thing on Romney threads and I finally just had to say — what’s wrong with a president with pomaded hair and a tan? We’ve done quite well with those in the past

While I Mitt may not ride horses as often as RR did. I hear he is an avid bike rider like our current president. He probably catches a few rays while cycling.

They think that a man and a woman are wed not just for life but for eternity. Which goes not only for the average LDS couple today, but also for the average LDS polygamous arrangement from the 19th century. (In other words, polygamy isn’t gone; it’s either crossed borders or gone underground)

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding