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Transgender Friendly Restrooms As Part Of The Homosexual Agenda

You’re part of a a fundamentalist Christian, heterosexual couple, needing to use a public restroom.  The woman of the couple goes into the women’s restroom, and sees a transgender person at the sink.  She gets upset and tells the management a man is using the women’s restroom — think of the children!  The man of the couple goes into the men’s restroom, and sees a transgender person at the sink.  He’s disgusted, and yells at the transperson.

You would think this fundamentalist Christian, heterosexual couple would rejoice at the idea of a single stall restroom that these transgender people could choose to use so they wouldn’t need to be seen as exposing themselves to those who don’t want to be exposed to the “homosexual agenda.”

Not if you’re a writer for the WorldNetDaily or spokesperson for the Idaho Values Alliance. They said:

Officials at Boise State University have been caught trying to conceal their participation in the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle by designating one of the restrooms in a new building expansion for “transgenders.”

Handicapped Restroom SignThat announcement was made back in January, but when the Idaho Values Alliance reported on the designation, the university twice told the organization to correct its report…

…”That means it is not an incidental thing for BSU officials to refer to it as a ‘transgender’ bathroom. If they’d been able to get away with it, homosexual activists would have considered this a great victory in their battle to normalize sexually variant behaviors,” [Bryan Fischer, the executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance] said.

“If the taxes of Idaho families are going to be spent on this issue, they should be spent providing reparative therapy to those who suffer from this disorder,” he said, citing the American Psychiatric Association’s references to transgenderism as a “gender identity disorder.”

I’m like sooooooooo sure that the Idaho Values Alliance would really want their tax dollars spent on any kind of therapy — even “conversion” therapy.

So, Boise State issued a clarification on the disabled accessible bathrooms:

(Public restroom standards after the flip)

Boise State University today provided a clarification on news coverage about the inclusion of a disabled-accessible, family-friendly bathroom in the upcoming Student Union expansion project at Boise State University.

According to a report from The Associated Press, the BSU student union’s director, Leah Barrett, said she told a group of student lawmakers the new restroom would be suitable for people with disabilities and for families – and for transgender students. That comment has raised the ire of the BSU College Republicans, who don’t want the bathroom to be called “transgender,” and the Idaho Values Alliance.

All construction at Boise State University is subject to the 2003 International Building Code per the Idaho Department of Building Safety. The International Building Code requires that the university include unisex restroom facilities in newly constructed campus buildings. In brief, the requirement provides that in “assembly and mercantile” occupancies (buildings with conference rooms, ballrooms, food service, etc.), one accessible unisex bathroom is required when six or more male or female bathroom fixtures are provided.

The purpose of unisex bathrooms is to meet the needs of disabled persons who require assistance from an attendant who may be of the opposite sex. They are also often commonly referred to as “family bathrooms” because they serve the same purpose for a parent of a small child of the opposite sex.

The requirement is standard throughout the state and nation, and one can see these sorts of bathroom facilities in other public buildings, including airports, courthouses and colleges/universities.

So the bathrooms may be suitable for transgender students, but that’s not why the bathrooms are being built.

So damn. Per usual with transgender folk, the bathrooms are almost always a central issue.

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