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No Withdrawal

The McGovern amendment — H.R. 2237, the fully funded bill that would have called for withdrawal from Iraq to begin within 90 days and last no more than 6 months – went down to defeat. As Atrios notes, these were the freshmen who voted "nay": 

McNerney (Blue America candidate)
Carney (Blue America candidate)

There were 171 ayes (more than expected) and now know were to target pressure for future votes.  Some very disappointing "nays" to say the least. 

Howie has something to say about what Democrats should be telling Bush about the war in Iraq (see Lloyd Doggett, above).  Nice if a few more folks on the Hill joined the Reality Based Community. 

Update:  Howie says:

The House voted on this before moving to the very compromised new Iraq war supplemental cobbled together by Appropriations Chairman Dave Obey. Obey's bill gives Bush the blank check the Republicans want– but only til the end of July, at which point it requires an up-or-down vote on whether to continue funding military operations or to begin the phased redeployment. Bush vowed to veto everything until he gets his way.

He also has a full list of Democrats who voted "no" as well as a preliminary analysis of why each one did so.

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